Hi! I'm Isabella!

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Daughter of two loving parents, Marcia and Rogerio, and older sister to Leonardo. I left home at fifteen, lived in Toronto where I went to Canada's National Ballet School, then moved to England over ten years ago to pursue a career in dance. Today I live in London, I'm a soloist with the Royal Ballet. My parents live in sunny Atibaia, where I spend most of my holidays. They own a ballet school, and as you can probably guess, this is how I got introduced to ballet. It became another passion of mine and one that would shape my life, but I'd say reading and writing came first.

Ever since I can remember, my favourite things to get as a present would be books, stationary paper and coloured pens. I collected 'papéis de carta' (pretty stationary), and ballet stickers too. I've had a journal since I was nine and used to write on it every single day. I also attempted a few short stories for Portuguese at school, I loved any subject that involved writing. I've always been the quiet kid who wanted to be in her room reading while the other kids were playing outside. My dad used to tell me off all the time. I'm still that quiet, introverted person (most of the time), but now instead of reading in my room I hang out at coffee shops or in the cafeteria at work. My colleagues would find me there every break, most likely typing franticly on my laptop.


When I was little, I used to write about my day: what I had for breakfast, what happened at school, what my ballet teacher said, what I had for homework, what my dog was up to... As a teenager it became very personal, more about my feelings than my routine. I went through phases of desperate emotional writing to neglecting my diary completely. The entries became fewer and fewer and nowadays, with my crazy schedule plus my studies, I barely write for pleasure anymore. I only write when I'm really angry, or really sad, or really happy. About things that I'm very grateful for, or in moments of struggle. It is my therapy, helping me process what's going on inside. 


Besides being a full time dancer (and girlfriend), I am a part time student at the Open University. I'm doing a degree on English Literature and Creative Writing. It consumes most of my free time, but I love it. I also love travelling to the seaside or country or any beautiful European destination, enjoy watching a good movie or tv series, and could probably have scrambled eggs and avocado on toast every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love being with my family in Brazil, and although I've lived away for more than half of my life now, it is where my heart is.

Drop me a line here. Let me know what you think! 

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