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I started ballet when I was three in my mum’s dance school, and at fourteen won a competition in New York that took me on a journey to becoming the professional dancer I always wanted to be. Having survived the hardships of living far away from family and my home country of Brazil, I graduated from Canada’s National Ballet School and joined Northern Ballet, in England, where I started my career as a member of the corps de ballet. 


Today I live in London with my boyfriend and two cats, and I’m a First Soloist with The Royal Ballet. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, as you might find out here, but I love where it has taken me and, most importantly, I am continuously learning about myself and this artform. 


Through this blog, which I started in 2019, you may find each step that I have taken, all the ups and downs of a dancer’s life, and my personal experience. These are my thoughts and feelings which I share in the hope that it will resonate with other dancers around the world, inspire someone who admires dance and wants a peak at the behind-the-scenes, and inform those who are simply curious to know about what it is like to be a ballerina.


Whilst on a full-time job as a dancer at The Royal Ballet, I completed a BA (Hons) on English Literature and Creative Writing. I have always loved to read and write, I’ve kept a journal for years, so now it is time to combine my love of dance and writing.


I hope you enjoy this blog!


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